Behind the Brand: Asian-Inspired Candles

A candle where WE bring the boba to YOU.

You'll notice throughout our candle collection that many of them are inspired by Asian desserts, foods and fragrances. Boba, Sakura, Mango Pudding, and Matcha Latte (to name a few).

When developing our scents for Sunday Soy, we realized that the mainstream candle scene appeared to have endless variations of unique and differentiating candle scents, yet there were rarely any that featured the aromatics of asian fragrances— so we set out to create our own. In particular, we were especially interested in creating candles that resembled some of our favourite Asian desserts to bring back that sweet childhood nostalgia. Let’s be real, wouldn't want their room to smell like mango pudding or milk tea?!

boba brown sugar pearl milk tea candle: bubble tea candle

Meet our Boba candle: the one that started it all. Yup, we made a candle scented like brown sugar pearl milk tea. This sweet n' milky beverage is the first dessert we decided to transform into our line of scented soy candles. The sweetness of the brown sugar and tapioca pearls mixed with the sultriness of black tea creates the perfectly creamy blend of *mmMMmm*. We like to think of Vancouver as boba central, so creating a cult classic that much of the community (including us) very much loved, was a must. The original Boba candle, and one that's crowned itself as our fan favourite.

P.S. We have a list of potential candle creations inspired by our favourite asian desserts and fragrances that we're working on, however if you have any suggestions of a certain scent you would like to have made, please don't hesitate to let us know! You never know what might appear in our next collection drop :)